Affiliate Marketing Business- Old Concept Brought Online

Affiliate marketing is an old concept. It is where an organisation (producer) uses a middleman to sell their products to the ultimate consumer. While the producer may well dispose the merchandise himself/herself, they use a middleman to do the selling for them for an agreed fee (commission). Under the old concept, there was little use of technology as most of the processes were offline.

Today, most of these companies are and their products are available online. Should you have a product you would like to sell, you can dispose of it through an internet based retailer and recruit a ‘middleman’ or affiliate.

The main difference between the offline concept and the online concept is the internet. The internet based affiliate does not need to have the physical product to generate revenue for the company and commission for themselves. They won’t need to spend cash to buy the products in advance. Mostly they just have a website that markets the product on behalf of the producer and then the producer will have the task of sending the products to the customer if they are physical products, or facilitate download if it is a digital product.  A special web-based script stores the transaction data and this enables the producer to pay instant commission for every successful sale the affiliate makes.

Another difference is that by using online affiliate marketing business, the affiliate may sell several products from different producers. His/her selling potential is limitless. This is different from using offline middleman marketing, a middleman must sell products from one company to keep his credibility.

There’s therefore a huge income potential in using online affiliate marketing. Simply learn the tricks of the trade of internet based affiliate marketing and cash certainly will begin coming your way even if you are asleep.

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